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Maintenance Products


Three specific products for the maintenance of K-Factor treated hair.

Anti-Frizz Cleanser and Conditioners.

Therapy Shampoo, Therapy Inner Conditioner, Therapy In-Pak.

Home Treatment

Bottle sizes:

Therapy Shampoo: 250 ml
Therapy Inner Conditioner: 250 ml
Therapy in-Pak: 150 ml

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The K-Factor line was designed to fight against hair deterioration caused by external agents both chemical or physical.

A powerful instrument that helps efficiently against hair aging and damages; it reconstruct the hair structure for a long lasting result.


  • 4 different services at the hairdresser
  • instant repair service
  • bodifying service
  • permanent hair straightening
  • anti-frizz volume treatment


Olive Oil

Soft and nourished hair from the inside. Regenerating effect./p>

Aloe Vera

Anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, antibiotic and regenerating. Improves scalp and hair nourishment

Hydrolyzed Proteins

Hair becomes stronger, keep the style and color for longer time.

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